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7 Benefits of Google Workspace for Your Business

No matter how old your business is, continuously assessing and updating your digital ecosystem will ensure you operate efficiently. This approach allows you to trim unnecessary architecture or invest in new hardware or software.

Collaborating across teams and departments, building and deploying marketing campaigns, and communicating important information are essential functions of any organization. These tasks need a reliable platform. There are many benefits of Google Workspace, making it an essential piece of technology for organizations of all sizes.

What Is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is a secure solution for the production environment that offers a variety of cloud-ready tools for building, deploying, and improving projects across multiple teams and locations. 

This setup gives businesses of all sizes a practical means of managing their digital resources and workforce without investing in in-house solutions. Users can collaborate in real-time with tools such as:

  • Gmail
  • Chat
  • Calendar
  • Slides
  • Meet
  • Drive
  • Docs
  • Sheets
  • Forms
  • Sites

The Google Workspace suite is a valuable solution for businesses operating in hybrid or remote environments. By deploying Google Workspace, teams are equipped to handle any challenge that comes their way.

What Are the Greatest Benefits of Google Workspace for Your Business?

With Google Workspace, employees can address problems head-on without worrying about the added overhead that generally comes with IT deployments. Google for work has many powerful features that allow you to flexibly grow your business from the ground up.

Stay organized, communicate freely, and unlock the creativity of your teams with Google Workspace. Let's look at seven benefits the platform offers: 

1. Custom Email Addresses

Despite the many benefits of using Gmail for business, generic domain names are considered unprofessional. 

Small businesses that want to look more professional and large businesses that want a simplified method for managing their internal contacts can use Google Workspace to create custom email addresses for all of their company's needs.

What is the difference between Gmail and G Suite? With G Suite for small businesses, administrators can control access to all accounts from a single centralized source. 

Google workspace allows users to create custom domains tailored to their business, making them more attractive to consumers. This approach also makes creating an internal communication network easier with consistent names for employees, teams, and partners.

2. Integrated Team Calendar

It's easy for individuals and teams to lose track of important meetings and events. An integrated scheduling system allows users to easily manage their day-to-day priorities and keep on top of their workloads.

The benefits of Google Workspace make communicating important information easily across the organization. With Calendar, the entire company has access to the same schedule. Coordinating across businesses — large and small — has never been easier.

3. Google Drive

Sharing important resources can be cumbersome for organizations that don't have the right systems in place. With Google Workspace's cloud-based storage solutions, marketing assets, spreadsheets, and other documents are easy to manage. 

With Google Drive, digital assets can be created, stored, and shared from a single centralized source. Using Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, your teams can stay on top of their workflows and get more done.

4. Google Meet 

Meetings are an essential practice for businesses of all sizes. They give leaders the time to communicate long-term goals, ongoing problems, and policy changes. Remote video chat software is an excellent way for businesses to stay connected.

The benefits of Google Workspace make video chatting easy. Google Meets is cheaper than Zoom and allows users to stay connected from any device. If you want to run your business no matter where you are, then Google Workspace is a perfect solution.

5. Google Chat

Although having the ability to meet in person is essential, it's great to have a simple alternative for less complicated interactions. Businesses of all sizes can use basic chat software to communicate and provide support across the organization. 

Whether you run a new or existing business, Google Chat offers an easy way to quickly ask questions, get answers, and share important information. Rather than relying on an external partner like Zoom or Slack, you can get a consistent solution to chat with Google Workspace's chat features.

6. Google Forms

Collecting and analyzing data is a central part of operating a business. Keeping track of all that information, however, can be tedious. Spreadsheet software provides a means to efficiently manage data at little cost to you.

Whether for market research or coordinating in-house events, Google Forms provides users with all they need to collect and share data across teams. With Google Forms, you can manage assets, do market research, and get feedback to grow your business.

7. Security 

Businesses that rely on software for their core operations can potentially become vulnerable to malicious actors and data failures. 

Google Workspace provides a secure environment for managing data, allowing IT teams to keep assets safe. Google Workspace has all the features you need to effectively mitigate potential cybercrime, from two-factor authentication to email spam filters.

There are a variety of benefits of Google Workspace for small businesses and large enterprises, including features that make it easy for businesses to operate safely and effectively. Explore all of the Google Workspaces features here.  

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How Much Is Google Workspace?

Does Google Workspace cost money? Yes, it does. Google Workspace is a cost-effective solution for businesses that want to have more control over their digital assets. With its business suite, Google is redefining how companies operate. The pricing models seem similar in Gmail for business vs. Office 365.

How much is Google Business account access? That depends on the subscription purchased. With the right package, users will have all the tools they need at an affordable price.

Is Google Workspace expensive? Knowing the Gmail business cost per user will give you an idea of overhead when deploying Google Workspace. Google offers four tiers of plans to users: Starter, Standard, Plus, and Enterprise.

Business Starter 

Starting at just $6 per month, Google Workspace's Business Starter plan is perfect for businesses with a small team consisting of 1 to 5 employees. 

At its lowest price, a Google business basic plan includes a custom email, 100 participants in video meetings, and 30GB of storage per user. The plan also has built-in security and management controls and standard support options.

Business Standard 

For $12 per month, you can upgrade to Google's Business Standard package. This option is great for growing business teams of 6 to 50 employees. 

With all of the benefits of the starter package, the Standard package also includes 150 participants in video meetings. It offers the ability to record and increased storage per user of up to 2TB. Subscribers can also pay to upgrade to enhanced support options. 

Business Plus

Google Workspace's Business Plus plan is $18 per month and adds eDiscovery and retention to your basic email services. You'll also get up to 500 participants in video meetings and attendance tracking features. 

Subscribers automatically have access to enhanced security. Fast-growing businesses often use the Business Plus plan with over 50 employees. 


For Enterprise level Google Workspaces support, you must contact Google's sales team for pricing. With the addition of S/MIME encryption, noise cancellation and in-domain live streaming, unlimited storage, and premium support options, Enterprise customers have all they need to collaborate across teams of more than 300 employees.

Find Out What's Best for Your Business

Is Google Workspace worth it? No matter what stage of growth your business is in, Google Workspace makes it easy to create, communicate, and share across teams. 

Next time you ask, "Do I need Google Workspace?" consider upgrading your tech stack. Leverage Google Workspace features for managing data and keeping on task. 

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