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​7 Tips for Women-Owned Businesses to Get New Clients

While there are other ways to make your business grow, such as access to more capital, there is one thing you wouldn't want to miss as a woman entrepreneur — consistent customer addition. Even though businesses tend to concentrate on how to offer outstanding customer service and experience to retain the existing clients, you don't want a circumstance where you neglect ways you can get new clients. Besides, you don't expect to retain every one of your customers. Thus, you need a way to replace them.

As a women's entrepreneur network, we compiled a list of 7 remarkable tips women business owners can embrace to get new clients for their businesses. Let's get going!

1. Network, Network, Network

When you ask any successful entrepreneur their secret, you might as well guess that they won't miss mentioning networking in their array of answers. Building networks allows you to sensitize the brand by meeting new people and being intentional by letting them know what you do. Be sure you focus on networks or events in your industry and always wear a helping mindset (than that of "What do I get?"). Remember to leverage on the existing network in the first place before expanding it more.

2. Take Advantage of Social Media

The trend is undeniable. Social media sites are taking things to a new level altogether. If you've yet to leverage the great potential in social media, you might be missing new leads. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, the average time spent on social media by a user has increased by 43%, while scores have joined the already booming population of active users. Whether it's replying to tweets, creating a helpful Facebook group, or posting your products on Instagram stories, social media is a major method of converting prospective, to active, clients.

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3. Offer Incentives to New Customers

Consumers get attracted to where they feel there is value for money. Offering discounts or gifts to new customers can work magic in attracting new clients. If your business is service-based, you can try offering free trials for new customers. After these, be sure to track those that redeem these incentives so that you can employ targeted marketing to avoid churn.

4. Build Lead Generating Websites

Trends are fast-changing, so should you. To make most of a website, you need something more than the traditional way of having just a site. With competitors striving to rank higher in Google or SEO, don't be left behind. Revamp your website, and if you've none, consider creating one. Invest in SEO tactics such as mobile-friendliness, user experience, and high-quality content. These make prospective clients want to explore more about your business if they visited your site.

5. Create Partnerships

Building partnerships with businesses that offer complementary products or services can help you get new customers. You’ll easily take advantage of synergy because the producer's marketing indirectly benefits you.

6. Use Your Current Customers to Bring in New Customers

Although you want to expand your customer base fast, neglecting how the current customers feel about your services or products can do more harm. If the customer experience is poor, they're unlikely to refer their friends or family. Therefore, we recommend you to continue ensuring high customer satisfaction rates as this eases your job of having to convince prospective customers about your products or service. The reviews and ratings customers leave, especially in sites focused on the same (e.g., Google reviews), also play a crucial role in bringing new clients to your business.

7. Reconnect with Former Clients

It's normal for customers to cease buying from you. However, taking that extra effort to contact them after noticing this can work magic. Monitor some of your old customers who have been missing(e.g., for six months) and reach them via email, SMS, or phone, and let them know you miss them. You can also offer some kind of promotion or incentive to attract them again to your business.

Final Word

As we mentioned earlier, getting a new client as a woman business owner requires you to be in the right network. Join Fundid today— a private women's network where we come together to learn and access resources to grow our businesses. 

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