Loan Crowdfunding vs. Small Business Loans | Business Funding Options

Small businesses often require financing to get off the ground, expand their operations, or overcome financial difficulties. Loan crowdfunding and small business loans are two popular options for securing funding. 

  • Loan crowdfunding is a way for businesses to raise money by requesting small investments from a large group of individuals through an online platform. 
  • On the other hand, small business loans are traditional loans provided by financial institutions such as banks or credit unions. 

This guide will explore the key differences between loan crowdfunding and small business loans and provide insights to help small business owners choose the best option for their financing needs.

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What is Loan Crowdfunding?

Are you a small business owner looking to start or expand your business but need help finding the funds? Enter loan crowdfunding, a newer and increasingly popular way to raise money. This involves creating a campaign through an online platform where individuals can invest in your business in exchange for repayment with interest.

The beauty of loan crowdfunding is that it fosters community and support for small businesses. Investors can be regular people who believe in your vision. Plus, it offers an opportunity for broader outreach beyond traditional bank loans. With loan crowdfunding, you can gain the funds to realize your business dreams and potentially develop lifelong connections with enthusiastic investors.

What are the Advantages of Loan Crowdfunding?

Loan crowdfunding has several advantages for small businesses. 

  • One of the primary benefits is accessibility. You can find crowdfunding platforms that are open to all businesses, regardless of size or financial history. 
  • The funding process is generally faster than traditional loans, with funds raised in weeks or even days. 
  • Another advantage is lower interest rates. Crowdfunding loans typically have lower interest rates than traditional ones because a large pool of investors funds them. 
  • Lastly, loan crowdfunding has the potential to reach a larger pool of investors compared to traditional loans, which can result in more significant funding for businesses.

Disadvantages to Consider with Loan Crowdfunding

While loan crowdfunding has many benefits, there are also some disadvantages that businesses need to consider.

  • One of the significant risks of loan crowdfunding is the possibility of failing to reach the funding goal. Unlike traditional loans, where the lender provides the full funding up front, crowdfunding requires businesses to meet a minimum funding goal before accessing the funds raised. This means businesses will only receive funds if the funding goal is met.
  • Additionally, loan crowdfunding can lead to complications with multiple investors, as managing the expectations and repayments of a large group of investors can take time and effort.

Loan Crowdfunding Option: HoneyComb Credit

Honeycomb Credit is a loan crowdfunding platform that provides small businesses access to affordable and flexible funding. In addition, the platform connects small businesses with local communities, allowing investors to invest directly in local businesses and support their growth.

Honeycomb Credit's unique crowdfunding model gives businesses access to lower interest rates, flexible repayment terms, and a larger pool of investors. With a focus on building relationships and supporting local communities, Honeycomb Credit is an excellent option for businesses seeking affordable and flexible funding.

Who is Honeycomb Credit for:

  • Small businesses in food & beverage, health and wellness, and retail industries 
  • Business owners with at least a 625+ FICO credit score 
  • Small businesses with at least 250+ social media followers 

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What is a Small Business Loan?

Small business loans are an excellent option for entrepreneurs looking to finance the growth of their businesses. These loans can provide the capital needed to upgrade equipment, hire new staff, or expand operations. Unlike loan crowdfunding, small business loans are typically offered by traditional banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions.

In addition, they usually have more flexible interest rates and repayment terms than crowdfunding options, making them a smart choice for businesses that need a larger sum of money. Plus, with a small business loan, you have a dedicated lender who will work with you to create a repayment plan that fits your needs. So, if you're ready to take your business to the next level, consider exploring the possibilities of a small business loan.

What are the Advantages of Small Business Loans?

Small business loans also offer several advantages to businesses looking to secure financing.

  • One of the primary benefits is flexibility in terms of repayment. Small business loans can be customized to suit the needs of the borrower. This means businesses can negotiate a repayment schedule that works for them, giving them greater flexibility and control over their finances.
  • Another advantage of small business loans is the potential for larger loan amounts. Businesses can access substantial additional funding to help take their operations to the next level.
  • Additionally, small business loans often have fewer restrictions on how the funds can be used, giving businesses more freedom to invest in their operations as they see fit.
  • Lastly, taking out a small business loan can also help businesses build their credit, making it easier for them to access financing in the future.

Disadvantages to Consider with a Small Business Loan

Small business loans also have some disadvantages to consider. 

  • One of the primary factors is higher interest rates. Loan rates can vary and some interest rates are higher than others which can increase the overall cost of your loan. 
  • Additionally, the application and approval process for small business loans can be extended, taking weeks or even months to complete. 
  • Another factor is the more stringent eligibility requirements for traditional loans. Banks and credit unions typically require more financial documentation, collateral, and a proven track record of profitability before approving a loan. This can make it challenging for startups or businesses with poor credit to access financing. 
  • Lastly, there may be better options than traditional loans for smaller or riskier ventures, as banks and credit unions may hesitate to lend to businesses with uncertain financial prospects.

Deciding Between Loan Crowdfunding and Small Business Loans

Businesses should consider several factors when choosing between loan crowdfunding and small business loans. Let's take a look at these four things to consider:

Your Financing Needs

When looking at your options, it's important to first consider how much funding you'll need to get things off the ground. Are you starting a small business that requires only minimal funding, or are you planning on expanding an already-established company with a large sum? Once you've identified your funding needs, it's easier to select the financing option that's best suited for your business. 

Timeline to Obtain Funding

If you are looking for funding immediately, loan crowdfunding may not be the best option for your business. You'll have to hit your campaign goals in order to receive the funding, whereas, with a traditional business loan, the full amount can be obtained sooner.

Eligibility Requirements 

Additionally, businesses should evaluate their eligibility for both options. Reviewing the requirements each lender has will help you determine if your business is a fit for its offerings. 

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The Overall Cost

Finally, comparing loan crowdfunding and small business loans based on various criteria, such as interest rates, repayment terms, and investor relationships, can help businesses make informed decisions. By weighing these factors and understanding the pros and cons of each option, businesses can choose the financing option that best meets their needs.

Loan Crowdfunding vs. Small Business Loan: Which is Best for my Business?

Loan crowdfunding and small business loans offer unique advantages and disadvantages for businesses looking to secure funding.

  • Crowdfunding loans offer accessibility, faster funding, lower interest rates, and the potential for a larger pool of investors.
  • On the other hand, small business loans offer flexibility in repayment terms, the potential for larger loan amounts, fewer restrictions on how the funds can be used, and the opportunity to build credit.

Ultimately, businesses should evaluate their financing needs and weigh each option's pros and cons before deciding. Considering all options before committing to a financing solution is essential, as making the wrong choice could have significant financial implications.

Small business owners should work with their financial advisors and conduct thorough research to determine the best financing option. Businesses can secure the funding they need to grow and succeed by carefully weighing their options and making informed decisions.

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