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Women Entrepreneurs in Colorado - 2021

By on February 26, 2021 2 min read
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Women Entrepreneurs in Colorado - 2021
What is the state to watch for the most women entrepreneurs? If you calculate women business owners, CEOs, and self-made women, the honor goes to Colorado. What makes the Centennial State the best incubator state for women? Well, the breathtaking geography is difficult to beat. Furthermore, Denver and Boulder have welcomed growing and well-known tech startups throughout the last several years. Here are a few organizations that can support women entrepreneurs in Colorado:

The Women's Foundation of Colorado

The WFCO was established when women put their heads together and discovered that 45% of Colorado households have a woman as the breadwinner. The WFCO Organization realized that the following changes were vital:

●  Opportunities for women to have access to education, job training, and career placement

●  Livable wages

●  Pay equity

●  Advancement in their careers

The Women's Collaborative for Colorado

This non-partisan collective of nonprofit organizations focuses on increasing change by way of collaboration. There are currently locations in both Boulder and Denver. For more information, check out the Women's Collaborative of Boulder County Facebook page.

The Minority Business Office

The Office of Economic Development & International Trade (OEDIT) supervises the Minority Business Office in Colorado (MBO). The MBO assists minority residents, women, and veteran-owned businesses in marketing themselves, establishing their businesses, and securing government contracts. This office works directly with small business associations, government agencies, state and local chambers, and statewide economic development offices. The MBO sponsors program and funding initiatives, such as:

●  Commerce City Community Bridge Program

●  The Advance Colorado Procurement Expo

●  Pathway to Certifications

●  Global Trade Activator Program

●  Governor's Minority Business Awards

●  Minority Business Directory

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Why Colorado Has the Most Women Entrepreneurs

One column written by Debbie Brown, president of the Colorado Business Roundtable, discusses that citizens of the US are part of the global age. The article states that business interests must reflect, and adjust to, this new fact of life. The impact of the pandemic, the decrease of tourism, and other economic issues, have all impacted the nation’s economy.

Colorado Business Roundtable, a public policy organization made up of executives from some of the state's largest employers, began an online discussion with Saudi Arabia's U.S. Ambassador, Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud. Also part of the conversation were 10 of Colorado's most influential women who represented business, government, philanthropy, and academia-including Kristen Blessman, president and CEO of the Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce, Lt. Gov. Dianne Primavera, Karen Gerwitz, president of World Trade Center Denver, and Betsy Markey, executive director of the Office of Economic Development and International Trade.

This was a unique opportunity to discuss policy, business issues, and business interests that affect Colorado and the rest of the world. This roundtable moment showcased our differences, built new friendships and allies, and strengthened the universal desire to create women's economic success.

What We Have Learned

Here at Fundid, we think the formula of support, equality, and mentoring are impressive and crucial to continue the ongoing success for women entrepreneurs in Colorado. We want to give you that same type of connection to other women business owners. Here, we can work together and grow your businesses.

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