Top 7 Global Women Business Owners

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Women have taken the backseat in the workplace for decades, with factors like discrimination and unfair compensation adding to their challenges. Despite all this, women have continued to rise through all the challenges. Today, women own big empires on their own. They work in beauty industries, publishing, entrepreneurship and so much more, making them worthy competitors to their men counterparts. If you are looking for motivation to be your own boss, look no further than these 7 global women business owners for encouragement.

1. Arianna Huffington

Net worth: $100 million Company: Thrive Global

Arianna Huffington is an author, business columnist, CEO of Thrive Global, and co-founder of the Huffington Post. She has been named one of the most powerful women and one of the most influential people by Times Magazine. She owns a B.A in Economics from Cambridge University. Arianna has also launched a series of books and manages Thrive Global, a wellness site that helps improve people's general well-being.

2. Lynsi Snyder

Net worth: $3.6 billion Company: In-N-Out Burger

Lynsi Snyder is behind one of the biggest fast-food chains in America. She is the owner and heiress to the empire that has dominated the fast food industry since 1948. Although she inherited the restaurant from her parents, Lynsi started working at the cash register. She rotated through various departments to teach herself about the business. Snyder has been the CEO of the chain restaurant since the age of 27, and manages to maintain its quality standards.

3. Virginia Rometty

Net worth: $90 million Company: IBM

Virginia joined the International Business Machines (IBM) in 1981. She worked her way up the food chain, eventually becoming the CEO in 2012. Rometty was the company's first woman CEO since its founding. Her leadership skills and keen business eye helped grow the company. She helped IBM invest in the blockchain, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing. She will step down as the CEO, but leaves a powerful legacy of securing a deal worth $3.5 billion.

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4. Angie Hicks

Net worth: $190 million

Company: ANGI Homeservices

Angie Hicks saw a gap in the service provider market and worked to fill it. She saw how hard it was to find a service provider, especially in times of emergencies, and created a company to cater to that niche. Angie developed Angie's List, a service that helps homeowners find the best household services.

5. Huda Kattan

Net worth: $610 million

Company: Huda Beauty

Huda started a beauty empire after quitting a finance job in Dubai. After struggling for a while, she started making synthetic and faux mink eyelashes. Finding a loyal customer in Kim Kardashian, Huda's lashes sold out in a day, making Huda Beauty an overnight sensation. Today, her empire includes skincare products, like the Wishful line, which promotes glowing and natural skin.

6. Sarah Blakely

Net worth: $ 1 billion Company: Spanx

Sarah is the CEO and founder of Spanx, a company specializing in pants and leggings. She has appeared in Time's magazine 100 most influential people in the world and ranks 93rd in Forbes most powerful woman in the world. She faced a lot of rejection but launched her brand nevertheless. Blakely now has a foundation that helps other women in education and entrepreneurship.

7. Mary Barra

Net worth: $55.8 million Company: General Motors

Mary started working for General Motors at 18 as a co-op student. She worked her way up to administrative positions and eventually became the first woman CEO of General Motors. She is the third-largest shareholder and the first woman CEO in the automobile industry.

Key Takeaway

Women from all faces of the world and all backgrounds have worked hard and made their name heard amidst the men-ruled world. No matter how small your business, let these women serve as an example. You can make it too!

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