The Top Five Blogs That Women Business Owners Should Follow

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Blogs can be an awesome resource for women bosses, and being part of a community can make a major difference when it comes to support. Fundid is a great online community of women business owners that you should consider joining. You’ll have access to resources like capital, networking, and support. Consequently, because blogs are plentiful, obtaining the best blogs can be staggering. It’s critical to find the best blogs for women business owners.

Finding the correct blogs to read as you build or grow your brand can be helpful in numerous ways. In any event, if you're looking for information or techniques about the correct way of approaching situations, marketing, and expanding your brand, or if you simply just need some inspiration, the Fudid community is here for you with the resources and support you need.

Fudid has put together a list of five of the top blogs by women business owners to follow for inspiration.

1. The Female Entrepreneur Association

An online hub created to inspire women who desire to turn their dreams and ideas into fruition.

This blog hits on topics like:

●  Business Basics

●  Finance and Revenue

●  Personal development

●  Productivity and Systems

●  Marketing and business growth

Carrie Green created "Female Entrepreneur Association.” Her blog utilizes an inspiring and knowledgeable voice that motivates and how other women entrepreneurs manage to stay motivated.

Carrie's mission is to offer some insight into her journey, her lessons learned along the way, and her successes as a lady boss who worked her way to the top.

2. She Did It Her Way

Amanda Boleyn spent two years in the corporate world before deciding to go out on a leap of faith to do her freelancing thing, which led to her becoming a business owner. Her blog, "She Did It Her Way," officially started as a podcast, but has now expanded into a successful coaching business where she helps aspiring young leaders and entrepreneurs start and grow their own businesses.

Amanda's blog encompasses an array of topics to assist women who are considering leaving their 9-5s to launch their own businesses. Boleyn's blog covers topics that offer useful tips for efficiency and personal business growth.

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3. Leaders in Heels

Leaders in Heels was founded by Kasia Gospos to inspire and build women leaders. Her blog is an online community and stationery brand aiming to make women business owners' lives simpler. The blog covers building confidence, managing business relationships, dressing for success, and other tips.

The blog also hits on topics such as:

●  Finance ●  Startups ●  Blogging ●  Marketing ●  E-commerce ●  Social media ●  Public Relations ●  Customer Service ●  Web Development

Leaders in Heels also have a retail site that sells vintage planners and other stationery that includes ways to help you stay organized, including inspirational quotes and goal clarity.

4. Punched Clocks

Founded by leading career expert Sarah Landrum, Punched Clocks is focused on career development and advice on how to have a successful career and happy life. Punched Clocks has one of the leading career advice blogs specifically for women and covers:

●  Leadership ●  Negotiation ●  Productivity ●  Communication ●  Growing your business  ●  Starting your own business ●  Handling changes in your career ●  Lifestyle skills to create a balanced life

5. See Girl Work

Founded by Alethea Robinson in 2016, See Girl Work focuses on starting and running a

business, and working your way up in a company. The blog covers topics such as:

●  Career ●  Business ●  Motivation ●  Productivity ●  Social Media ●  Lifestyle topics ●  Blogging trends ●  PR and Marketing ●  Interviews with other like-minded women

Alethea's mission is to create valuable lifestyle and business content for aspiring, business-minded women with inspiration, support, and helpful tips.

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