7 Brand-Saving Tips: Social Media Do’s And Don'ts

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With social media, you can promote your brand through lead generation and advertising while watching your conversions grow. Businesses can double their returns with social channels. At the same time, hiring managers can vet for the best candidates. That’s why it’s critical that your brand on social media is strong.

According to CareerBuilder, 70% of employers utilize social media to screen and get an idea of how a candidate carries themselves. Additionally, 54% of employers say that they have eliminated candidates due to their social media pages.

The Dos — And Don'ts — Of Social Media

When utilizing social media, there are some important dos and don'ts that you should pay close attention to. Try using these practices in your social media marketing and management plan to assist in ensuring that you efficiently and productively boost your online presence.

1. Make Your Imagery Compelling

Social media posts with images are up to ten times more likely to be viewed. Your brain can process images at incredible speeds, which makes images the perfect companion for your posts.

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2. Mix It Up Lengthwise

Do you know the perfect post length? By enhancing the length of your material, you'll have a better chance of converting and engaging your viewers. But remember that each social media channel, although the same as far as branding and networking, is different. Compare the differences below.







It's important to analyze data that refers to what material draws in an audience and what material does not. Does your brand represent funny stuff, the latest trends, or is it geared more toward health and lifestyle? Every social media channel has its own branding and networking features, but when used properly the possibilities of your brand are endless.

3. Social Media Posts Need To Remain Social

Stay away from talking too much and not listening. You can grow your digital footprint while reminding your viewers that their opinions matter and that you're listening. Give them a chance to engage with you while you're engaging with them and other posts by:

●  Asking questions

●  Responding to comments

●  Engaging with other posts

4. Be A Social Listener

Benefits can be gained through social listening. Social media listening is the art of getting your brand out while joining in on other topics that relate to your industry. This will allow you to expand your reach while bringing your brand to the forefront and is excellent for being seen as a thought leader in your industry.

5. Be Careful Not To Under or Over Post

Be mindful of how often you are or are not posting or updating your content. Always post quality content regularly that will keep your viewers engaged and anxious to see your next post.

But for now, take a look at the most basic places to start:

●  Facebook: Three times weekly, at a minimum, and up to once daily max.

●  Twitter: Three times daily, up to 30 times daily to start. Consider tweeting or retweeting once hourly.

●  Instagram: One to three times daily.

●  LinkedIn: Minimum of twice weekly and up to once per business day.

●  YouTube: Create a tailored YouTube schedule to post your videos. Consistently create and upload new, engaging content for your viewers. Remember, consistency matters.

You can start slow and build your reputation at the same time. Create a robust content calendar to help you stay on track.

6. No Sprinting on Social Media

News Flash! No one can tell you that they are creating viral content as there is no way to know if your content will even go viral. There is simply no strategy, no formulas, and no specific methods that you can use to make your content instantly go viral. As a matter of fact, most content doesn't even go viral, that's something you can't control. However, you can control your decision to brand, engage, and network consistently going forward.

7. Be Sure That Your Writing Is Geared Towards Your Readers

As mentioned earlier, social media channels differ, so you need to be writing your content for each one individually. Some content that may do great on Facebook may not do so well on Twitter, or Instagram and vice versa. So, while you're fixing up your content calendar, you may want to think about what audience you're trying to reach

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