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6 Women Bosses' Podcasts You Need to Hear

Many talented and smart women business bosses have excellent information to share with other women climbing up the corporate ladder. We want to share with these bosses, and future bosses, some advice about breaking into the C-suite. The best characteristic of podcasts is that you can listen and learn while driving, walking, or even preparing meals. In most cases, these podcasts come to you at no charge.

1. Being Boss

Business owners ​Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson​ broadcast their insights concerning creative entrepreneurship and give listeners advice on action items and a plan. These ladies have covered hundreds of ways to learn about the business world, while being entertaining.
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2. The Broad Experience

Ashley Milne-Tyte is a British-born public radio reporter who lives in New York. Ms. Milne-Tyte began this podcast in 2012 to investigate the experiences women had in the workplace that were different from most men's experiences. Since having a balanced existence is what most of us desire, many ambitious women seemed unable to reach their full potential. She focuses on women of different ages, backgrounds, and experiences that match the show's theme.
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3. Lady Boss Entrepreneur

Listeners can hear this podcast on Apple Podcasts. ​Regina Ackley is the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at the ALS Association of Greater New York City​. Here, Ms. Ackley shares ideas and tips from her podcast members and work from home tips, how to write bios, and more. 
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4. BizChix

This podcast focuses on helping women entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Natalie Eckdahl, business strategist and coach, interviews entrepreneurs on subjects like hiring a bookkeeper, financial management, hiring a CFO, social media, content marketing, work-life balance, etc.
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5. So Money

The host of So Money is Farnoosh Torabi, a best-selling author, television personality, and an award-winning financial correspondent. Her podcast centers on conversations about money. She candidly converses with the world's top business minds, influencers, and authors. Her guests have included:

● Arianna Huffington
● Margaret Cho
● Gretchen Rubin 

In one of her special episodes contains her conversation with Morgan Housel, author of The Psychology of Money​. Housel says:

"Mastering money has little to do with math. Instead, behavior is the most critical side of investing."

Ms. Torabi's topics include:

● Managing student loan debt

● What to do with an inheritance
● How to start saving for a child's college education
● How to negotiate your worth

● How to ask for a raise

6. She Did It Her Way

This podcast is brought to the world by ​Amanda Boleyn,​ a founder, CEO, wife, daughter, sister, and accountability coach. Amanda likes to say: "Success is in the journey, not the destination." She sends out uplifting ideas and positive support to women entrepreneurs. Her podcast themes include:
● Changing your circumstances.
● How to practice saying "no."

● How to run your dream business while working your 9-to-5

● Stop holding yourself back.

Amanda wants her audience to wake up each morning, filled with absolute joy and excitement to work with your clients.
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