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Who is it for?

We are creating the Business-Building Card for business owners with 10 or fewer employees who are looking for an on-ramp to access capital and credit for growth. 


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What are the requirements?

The Business-Building Card is for:

  • Actively Registered Single-member LLCs 
  • Businesses with 9+ months in operations
  • US-based entities
  • Businesses with a dedicated business bank account
  • Businesses with a physical address capable of receiving mail


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Growth Solutions for:

  • Retail Stores
  • Services
  • Consulting
  • Healthcare
  • Restaurants
  • And more!

Why Our Card

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0% Annual Percentage Rate

The Business-Building Card has a 0% Annual Percentage Rate (APR), as customers are required to pay their balance in full each month. This means that you can hold a balance on your card for 30 days without accruing interest. Customers are subject to a late payment fee of $39 if they do not pay their balance in full.

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Get Business Credit Sooner

Businesses can qualify with as little as $4,200 in monthly recurring revenue and over 9 months time in business to access a credit limit.

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Raise Your Limit

Raise Your Limit

The credit limit that grows alongside your business! You can apply for a higher limit every 3 months.

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A Platform for Business Growth

Access our free platform to make business finance and access to capital simple. Find business grants, other business capital and lending options, growth partners, and more.

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Business Credit With Flexible Underwriting

The Business-Building Card is truly a commercial product for the smallest of businesses. Access a credit limit based on a combination of your personal credit and business performance.

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Grow with the Business-Building Card

  • #1 Get credit sooner!
  • #2 Raise your limit.
  • #3 Platform for Growth: Grants, Capital, Partners, and more.
  • #4 Auto monthly payment with optional early payment.

Business Finance Platform Highlights

  • Union (2) Access business grants
  • Group 101668 Guides and resources
  • Union (3) Access growth partners
  • Group Capital marketplace

Business-Building Card FAQs

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