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The only business banking relationship needed to own, operate, and grow a business.

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Unbiased, data-driven decisions designed to finance the growth of your company based on the actual health of your business.

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We searched the internet to find grants for small businesses so that you can start and grow yours.


A business bank built in collaboration with its customers.

Providing transparency, fair access to credit, credibility, and connection to the funding and professional network that business owners need to grow.


Built on our your input

Products, services, and customer interactions tailored for overlooked business owners’ specific needs.


Community driven

Creating an inclusive community
of like-minded entrepreneurs to promote success, support, and listen.


Barrier breaking

The only banking relationship needed to break down barriers, own, operate, and grow a business.



We take our users' needs seriously, and we adhere to 100% pricing transparency.


Growth focused

Credit solutions through AI and customer-data-derived, value-based pricing so members get the funds they need.


High touch

Seamless human-centric technology available 24/7, promoting convenience
and ease-of-use.


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