Grant Amount : Varies


Here's the deal: Since we launched this program last year, IFundWomen has secured more than $8M in corporate grants to pay forward to our members (that’s you). So far, we have only deployed around 40% of the grant pool, so there is still a ton of money to go around.

In addition, we regularly get asked by VC's for deal flow, so if you are interested in being a part of our database, fill this out.

This application should take you no more than 20 minutes to fill out. Pro Tip: Have your business pitch written out in advance so you can simply copy and paste it in. The rest of the questions are basic and easy.

How do I Qualify?

Upon submission of this form, your information will be stored in IFundWomen's UGA Database. This information will be used to notify you of grants for which you are qualified.

If information changes on your end, we suggest you submit a new form (we’ll connect the dots between your previous and current submission as long as it’s under the same email). Pro tip: Have your business pitch written out so you can simply copy and paste it in.

Reminder: This is not an application to a specific grant. Please stay tuned to your email and to IFundWomen's website for relevant grants opportunities.

About the Grantor

IFundWomen Universal Grant

IFundWomen is the go-to funding platform for women entrepreneurs providing access to capital via crowdfunding and business grants, expert startup coaching 

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