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Are you prepared for the Mandatory Retirement Plan Law?

Get advice from Jean Smart, CEO & Founder of Penelope, the retirement platform for small businesses, to understand your options. 

- If you are a business with 5 or more employees you have to either offer an employer-sponsored retirement plan or the state-sponsored retirement plan.  

- If you don't comply fines can be $250 or $500 per eligible employee, depending on the number of days the company is non-compliant. 

Date of recorded webinar: June 2, 2022

About Penelope

Penelope is the retirement savings platform for small businesses and the 60 million Americans who work for them. A low-cost 401(k) subscription model, Penelope provides affordable and streamlined savings vehicles for small business owners and their employees without hidden charges, hassle, or unnecessary jargon.

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