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WBO: How Frequently Should You Post On Social Media?

By on April 15, 2021 2 min read
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WBO: How Frequently Should You Post On Social Media?
Let's be honest. Women have never had it easy entering the realm of entrepreneurship and achieving economic independence. But the wheels are turning for the better thanks to social media.

The number of women starting businesses has increased tremendously in the last two decades. And social media has played a key role. According to a study by Facebook, over 80% of women-owned small businessesacknowledge that social media is very helpful to their businesses. And it's not by chance.

Women entrepreneurs are more active on social media platforms than men. They're busy commenting, sharing, posting, and networking on these forums. We want to see more women entrepreneurs use social media to start and grow their businesses.

So in this post, we take a closer look at something that can make or break your social media success: the frequency of posting. Wondering why? Read on.

Why Posting-Frequency Matters

Seasoned social media marketers agree that if you post too infrequently on social media, your audience will forget you exist. You will quickly fade away in their minds and a competitor will take your place.

If you post too often, on the other hand, you will become a nuisance. Your audience will stop looking forward to seeing your posts because you're overcrowding their feed. And this begs the question:

How can women-owned businesses strike a balance? How can you ensure you post enough to remain relevant and not too often to get blocked, "unfollowed," or even unfriended?

Craft Better Posts

The competition for content on social media is becoming stiffer every day. When your followers log in to Facebook, for instance, they're hit with up to 1,500 possible stories from business pages and friends.

The reality is that most of them will not look at all of them. They don't have enough time. So posting more frequently doesn't necessarily mean you're reaching more people.

In fact, a study by HubSpotwarns that companies with less than 10,000 followers do more harm than good posting more than 60 times a month. The research shows that businesses that posted more than 2 posts a day experienced 60% fewer clicks per post as compared to companies that posted fewer times. If you are looking for a platform that is easy to navigate and create Canva is a great option!

The biggest lesson here is: don't bombard your customers with tons of content. Instead, be selective about what you post. Craft better posts and target a specific audience. Potential customers are more likely to spend time reading posts that are relevant to their needs and interests.

Capital Marketplace

Focus On Customer Engagement

Social media posts can be powerful tools when used correctly. But many businesses are struggling to engage consumers with their posts. This can result in wasted time, money, and resources.

Take for instance businesses spending many hours writing over 50 tweets a day. Although they might get more total responses, they're more likely to compromise on customer engagement.

According to a study by Social Bakers, writing 1 to 5 tweets a day increases audience engagement. And high customer engagement:

●  Increases customer trust and loyalty

●  Enhances customer experience

●  Boosts brand experience

●  Provides valuable feedback and insights from customers

●  Increases sales

Be Consistent

Posting consistency also plays a vital role in social media. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, many women-owned businesses are also using Instagram for marketing. And here, posting consistency matters.

According to research by Union Metrics, businesses that change their posting-frequency on Instagram risk losing followers and generating less engagement. This means you should choose a frequency you can comfortably maintain to make the most of social media posts.

Key Takeaways

Posting frequency on social media is extremely important. And women-owned businesses that strike a balance are more likely to grow their ventures.

We hope the information shared here helps you have a good idea of how many times you should post per day. And while at it, remember to craft better posts, focus on driving customer engagement, and remain consistent to optimize your social media marketing strategies.

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