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3 Traits of Successful Female Business Owners

Building a business from the ground up is tough work. It takes the right combination of skills combined with a determination to succeed and a refusal to fail. There will be many days you'll get discouraged and feel like giving up, but the most successful female business owners are the ones who keep going despite it all and manage to persevere through every trial. If you want your business to succeed, you're more likely to see that happen if you practice these 3 traits...

1. Rigorous Authenticity

In the book Great Leaders Live Like Drug Addicts, Michael Brody-Waite says, "Authenticity means being true to yourself in word and action, which is easier said than done. Any addict or leader can have a moment of authenticity and feel good about himself. But this principle isn't just 'Be Authentic; it's Practice Rigorous Authenticity.' That means you don't pick and choose when to be real. It's not about choosing authenticity when it's convenient or when it's safe. It's about being your true self in every situation no matter what."

The best leaders live authentic lives 24/7. They don't wear a mask to fit in, and they'll never compromise their values or convictions to follow the majority. The most successful female business owners aren't afraid to speak their minds and voice their opinions, regardless of the reactions others give in response. They follow their hearts and lead by example.

2. Unwavering Humility

One of the biggest challenges business owners face over time is maintaining unwavering humility. As a business owner, you learn and absorb a lot of information to get where you are, and arrogance can easily get in the way and derail you. The moment you start becoming overly dismissive of others and assume you're more knowledgeable than most of the people around you is the moment you stop learning and growing as a person.

Admitting when you're wrong and when you make mistakes is vital to your continued success. You can't fix problems and improve your business unless you're humble enough to admit there is something that needs fixing in the first place.

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3. Compassionate Empathy

In the words of Daniel Goleman, "Leaders with empathy do more than sympathize with people around them: they use their knowledge to improve their companies in subtle, but important ways." The ability to perceive situations from multiple perspectives allows you to bring out the best in others in ways that those who lack empathy can't.

The best leaders are natural empaths who can clearly see all sides of a situation and bridge divides so people of every personality type can work harmoniously together toward a common goal. If empathy isn't your strong suit, I suggest you study the enneagram or MBTI to increase your EQ (emotional intelligence).

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Simply having the right traits isn't enough to ensure your business's success. You'll need to build a network of support you can reach out to for advice and motivation during challenging times.