Top Social Media Trends in 2021

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What started as a medium to connect us with our friends and families has become a channel for businesses to get in touch with their target audiences. Now, businesses use well-structured social media strategies to communicate specific messages and increase their clientele. Rapid changes pose a new challenge for brands to continuously review their existing strategy and add a new type of content to their repertoire. With the rapid growth of this medium, collective social media trends have emerged over the years. What are the top social media trends in 2021?

Social Commerce Will Continue to Grow

Social media is constantly adapting to improve user experience. We see more tools and features that support quick and easy shopping. Some platforms, like Instagram, allow you to add tags, while visitors can easily checkout without having to leave the platform.

For women entrepreneurs, Facebook can help you set up a shop that people can browse and buy from. About 54% of social media users research products and services using social media. Having a buy button will increase the probability of purchase and help move the transaction forward.

Virtual Reality Will Become More Popular

When interacting with people through virtual reality, you get a sense of being together even if they are miles away. In 2021, VR is likely to gain more popularity on social media as people seek more meaningful virtual interactions. This can help women business owners network regardless of their geographical locations.

The Rise and Revitalization of Private Groups and Platforms

As social media becomes noisy, many people are looking to customize their experiences by joining a private group based on personal interests. Many people are returning or going to private and semi-private online forums for networking, education, and entertainment.

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Fee-Based Fan Communities Will Rise

As days pass on, customers are increasingly gravitating towards small and more intimate topical communities. For example, when offering a service like a women leadership program, you may adopt fee-based communities to incorporate only serious women business owners. In 2021, these trends will converge, and offer fee-based communities with exclusive access to content, products, and services.

Inclusivity and Social Media Trends 2021

Brands are under pressure to make meaningful advancements for inclusion in their business operations. Audiences are aware that they have plenty of options, putting their money behind organizations that show investment in inclusivity. Therefore, as a businesswoman, your brand needs to keep up. An Accenture study shows that 29% of all customers would switch to a brand committed to diversity and inclusivity. In 2021, inclusivity will be an even bigger focus for brands aiming to build a strong connection with their customers.

Brands to Continue Investing in Influencer Marketing

Influencers are individuals with a dedicated social following, viewed as experts within their field. Influencer marketing has dominated previous years, and will continue to do so. Brands will continue collaborating with influencers over a series of social media promotion posts. Collaboration may bring inclusivity and transparency to marketing efforts. As a woman business entrepreneur, you can use influencers to advertise your product and services to higher levels.

User-Generated Content (UGC) Will Get More Push

User-generated content is any content generated by users on social media. Many brands have begun to consider UGC as social proof of quality products and services. Promoting UGC allows brands to reap benefits, such as reduced marketing budget, which brings customers to the forefront and makes them feel valued. Therefore, in the coming days, brands will encourage their customers to increase their engagement rate.

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