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Why Women Business Owners Need Self-Care

We've all heard the flight attendants tell us to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first in case of a crisis. Why? Because if you don't look after your own basic needs, you can't look after anyone else's. This is why women business owners need self-care.

How do women entrepreneurs make time for self-care when the demands of business and other obligations eat up all your time? Today we'll look at the importance of self-care, and discuss ways to make time for it.

Discover What Self Care is to You

For some women, a pedicure is the perfect self-care interlude. Others may prefer a relaxing book. A chance to stay home and cook is a relaxing evening for some, for others it's just more work. It's important to recognize what makes you feel as if you're taking care of yourself. Discover what healthy activities really make you feel relaxed and energized.


Self-care is the first thing to go by the wayside when the schedule gets tight. Resist the urge to skip it and get back to that email that's preying on your mind. A busy woman entrepreneur has to fit self-care into her schedule and treat it like any other important appointment. When you make an appointment with yourself, treat it as you would any other appointment. If you can't make it on time, reschedule as soon as possible.

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Taking time out to read a novel or get your hair done may seem like self-indulgence. Especially when the needs of your business are constantly foremost in your mind. But the effects of chronic high stress are all too real and damaging. Think of your body as a car. You can't just keep running it without stopping for gas, tune-ups, and maintenance. Taking care of yourself is not a guilty pleasure. It's a necessary part of keeping yourself healthy. Self-care is an investment, in yourself and your business.


This is a part of self-nurturing that can be difficult, because exercise isn't everyone's idea of fun. But getting moving is crucial to good health. Find some form of exercise that appeals to you. Even walking is just fine. If you fall into the “exercise is work” contingent, tried and true methods for sneaking some activity include walking whenever possible, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and even pacing while talking on the phone. But the best long-term solution is to try to find some form of exercise that you enjoy. Many adults are taking up a sport called, "pickleball." Pickleball is a tennis-like game that is not as strenuous as the real thing.


Finding a like-minded group of women entrepreneurs can be a wonderful, stress-releasing experience. It's amazing how speaking about shared problems and issues can be so powerful. Being an entrepreneur is difficult, being a women entrepreneur brings its own set of challenges. Sometimes a woman business owner needs the support and advice of a peer group who understands her because they've been in her shoes.

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