Creating the Best Office Culture for Women Businesses

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According to an article in Forbes, women-led companies are better for employees than men-led companies. Yes, that's a bold statement, but Caroline Castrillon says that overall, women-led companies seem to be better at meeting their employees' job satisfaction needs than companies led by men. 

What Top Women CEOs Say About Culture

Some of the reasons women surpass men in building office culture include:

Kevin O'Leary of Shark Tank says that of the over 40 companies in which he invests, approximately 95 percent of women-led businesses reached their financial targets. In contrast, 65 percent of male leaders did the same.

Additionally, a previous Harris Poll shows one-half of Americans prefer to work for a woman leader.

"Our research shows that both women and men want to work at organizations where values like compassion, collaboration, and the freedom to be yourself are the norm," said Jennifer DaSilva, President of Berlin Cameron and Founder of Girl Brands Do It Better. "

Cindy Eggleton, CEO, and co-founder of Brilliant Detroit says leaders should listen, be present, care, and be direct. Listening, she adds, is the essential part of the job. Eggleton believes CEOs need to honor the individual, the moment, and what is required. She also says everyone in the enterprise must remember to celebrate and enjoy themselves.

Ellevest Founder Sallie Krawcheck started Ellevest to help women create new businesses, leave bad jobs, and grow the economy. She wants to see women reaching their personal goals. Additionally, she wants to teach women how to use modern investing strategies to achieve their goals. Ms. Krawcheck provides the office culture where women see forecasts representing what she believes investors can experience and forecasts that have a higher likelihood of achievement.

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Women CEOs are invested in employee engagement and nurturing, which generates higher performance levels and supports flexibility. Dr. Farida Akhtar, of the Department of Actuarial Studies and Business Analytics at Macquarie University's Business School in Sydney, Australia, had this to say about office culture and women CEOs:

●  Women bring unique demographic skills to the office.

●  Women create better reward systems.

●  They display greater flexibility.

●  Women directors can shape innovation and sustainable growth strategies.

●  They are likely to listen to the market.

●  Women-led firms often reduce unrest within internal corporate governance.

●  Their monitoring of management leads to improved transparency and performance.

The Sage Archetype

This archetype centers on knowledge and truth. Sage types of personalities find collecting information and pursuing the truth as their key to success. These individuals think that gathering factual, reliable information and sharing it with their peers can make the world better for everyone. Sage types have elevated levels of awareness, avoid uncertainty, misinformation, misleading assertions, and naïveté in other people or themselves.

If your brand believes that knowledge, truth, and research are essential above all else, your brand is a Sage archetype. That means your company values and promotes continuous learning. If you're a dominant sage, you will learn how to balance this energy and stop criticizing yourself. Weigh the different energies within yourself and travel from the head to the heart to reclaim your vulnerable heart-based connections.


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