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7 Strategic Ways to Increase Revenue

By on April 06, 2021 2 min read
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7 Strategic Ways to Increase Revenue

All businesses depend on the generation of revenue for survival. Revenue should be managed properly to ensure the future growth of the organization. The priority for every entrepreneur organization is to generate profit. How do you find ways to increase revenue?

To develop your company, you must continuously come up with strategies to increase revenue. Generated revenue should translate into higher profit and cash flow for your business. Here are seven strategic ways to increase revenue:

1. Identify New and Potential Clients

New clients can help you grow your business. However, this is a costly method of generating more revenue. It costs more than eight times the amount of money to obtain new clients versus retaining current clients.

The simplest method to attract new clients is by offering incentives to your current customers and encouraging them to initiate referrals for you. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful and effective ways to advertise.

2. Eliminate Products and Services That Are Not Profitable

Products and services that generate the highest profit margin are the most essential to your business. After determining the most profitable goods and services, you should concentrate on them. Decide on whether to remove the goods or services that are unprofitable or review areas that need improvement.

3. Evaluate Your Pricing Model

Correct pricing of goods and services is very vital. You should review the pricing model of products and services regularly and adjust your prices accordingly. If you decide to increase the price of your products, ensure that you differentiate your offering from your competitors.

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4. Improve Your Customer Services

One of the ways you can improve customer service is by increasing your employee satisfaction. By paying attention to employees and how much they enjoy the working environment, you can obtain more clients and increase the sales income.

Workers who feel they are cared for and respected tend to care and respect the client. Providing excellent customer service will help you gain a good reputation and improve the brand image.

5. Improve Operations of Your Supply Chain

If you improve the operations of your supply chain, you can increase profit and attract more clients. Getting the right goods to the right client on time will result in customer loyalty. If the supply chain operates smoothly, a company can launch its products on time, increasing profit.

6. Decrease Your Inventory

Stock control is a good way to improve cash flow and streamline your business. Ensure that you invest less money in slow-moving inventory. Check the expiry date of products and services to avoid losses. Ordering goods more frequently will enable you to compare prices and take advantage of overstock discounts or seasonal clearance.

7. Decrease Your Direct Costs and Overhead

One of the ways that you can reduce direct cost is by negotiating for discounts and better prices for everything that you purchase. To find better prices, you will be required to look for new suppliers.

Another method to reduce your direct cost is to eliminate unnecessary purchases. Review your direct costs regularly to identify areas where overspending has occurred. For many companies, overhead expenses have a way of increasing over time. Therefore, reviewing your overhead expense is an effective way to increase your income. Benchmark your business with other businesses in the same industry to identify areas for improvement.

These ways to increase revenue may look simple. However, managing and executing your finance is challenging. We recommend seeking professional assistance if you are not sure where to start. Our company aims at supporting women business owners and their business growth through capital and services, learning, and community.

About Fundid

Fundid is driven by a mission to empower business owners on their growth journeys by simplifying business finance & access to capital. 

We spend our time thinking about what the world would look like if the 80% of businesses that have under 10 employees had access to the capital they needed to grow and thrive. We're solving this with our Business Capital, Business-Building Card, and Resources that include our business Grant Match Program.

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