12 At-Home Businesses for Women

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COVID 19 has led to ​an unprecedented rise in home-based businesses​ and remote work. More people are discovering ways to use remote work and pursue their entrepreneurship dreams from the comfort and safety of their homes. Recent technological advancements afford more women the flexibility to choose where, how, and when to work. At-home businesses can be a positive choice for women. 

Starting a home business has never been as easy, affordable, and convenient as now. A home-based business venture requires little start-up capital, fewer investments, and smaller spaces than conventional businesses.

Let us take a look at 12 money-making business ideas to fire your entrepreneurship dream to life in 2021:

1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the ideal home businesses for stay at home women. With blogging, you can work on your flexible schedule and earn handsome passive income. If you have a deep passion for writing and love sharing ideas on an area you are passionate about, then it is time to monetize your gifts through blogging. However, although blogging is easy and cheap to start, ensure you invest in top-notch devices, skills, and tools that help turn you into a pro.

Start your blogging career with a carefully designed blog that specializes in a few profitable niches. Ensure you generate well thought out and researched content that excites your audience and draws more traffic to your blog. Some of the revenue opportunities that come with blogging include paid freelance services, Google ads, paid private forums, and e-book sales.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another viable home business that any at-home woman can start with little capital. Typically, affiliate marketing is a program through which you recommend a product or a service to someone - say your friends, colleagues, family. For every product or service that you recommend and get purchased, you earn a commission. The program features a link which the referred person can use to make a purchase. Basically, you send product information with the link to your friends, family, or any other person for them to make online purchases.

3. Freelance Writing

Are you a talented copywriter? Well, several writing platforms are looking for your services in 2021. Some of the top writers, such as Holly Johnson, make over $200,000 a year as freelance writers. Authority websites and other business websites are always recruiting new writers for content research, creation, and editing. Besides, writing platforms like ​Up Work​ are also recruiting remote writers to service orders from several clients drawn from different niches.

4. Proofreader

If you boast impeccable proofreading and editing skills, earn passive income proofreading files and content for online clients and businesses specializing in different niches, including law, publishing, and education. Ladies generally have a keen eye for detail and can easily catch errors and thus make the best proofreaders. Most proofreading jobs can earn you anything between $1000 to $4000 a month. Notably, you can sharpen your proofreading skills by enrolling in the many ​free online courses available on the internet. 

5. YouTube Blogging

Starting a YouTube channel is one of the most viable ways to earn income while at home. The popularity of YouTube keeps rising each year. The platform currently receives ​over 5 billion visitors​ in a single day, with a single YouTube channel generating over 12 million dollars a year. There are several ideal niches to explore, including creating V-blogs, tech videos, comedy videos, and tutorials. Find a niche you are passionate about, such as cooking, fitness, family, and create exceptional videos to post on your YouTube channel.

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6. Facebook Marketing

Facebook now boasts ​over 2 billion active users​. The sheer number of Facebook users offers an ideal platform for brands to showcase their products and services. If you boast of an impressive Facebook following, you can use your platform for marketing company products and services and earning handsome commissions right at your home. In 2021, more companies and businesses are looking for influential influencers to push their products and enable more sales.

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a type of affiliate marketing where you send messages promoting a product or services to an email list of blog subscribers. The email you send has details of products or services that you are promoting. Each time the subscribers buy the product or services using your link, you earn a commission. Should they also share the emails with other parties, you also earn some commission.

8. Online Tutoring

Like everything else in our life, the education industry, too, is changing. People are busy, and the idea of attending physical classes is no longer appealing. Besides, with COVID-19, most learning activities moved online. If you love teaching, are knowledgeable in a given area, and have a gift for imparting knowledge to others, consider online tutoring. Ideally, during your free time, you can record classes on a given niche like accounting, marketing and post them on the many viable virtual learning platforms, including YouTube. The bigger your following, the more you are paid by the platforms. Besides, you can charge your learners a small access fee. 

9. Search Engine Evaluator

The thought of becoming a search engine evaluator can be intimidating because it sounds so technical. However, this is far from the truth. A search engine evaluator searches for specific information on companies' search engines to determine how closely the results match their keyword and search terms. This helps the companies to optimize their search engine rankings. If you have the necessary computer skills, have a working device, and reliable internet, you can become one of the most highly sought-after search engine evaluators. 

10. Transcribing

Working as a transcriptionist can earn you anywhere between $25 to $50 an hour. Transcriptionist jobs require necessary computer skills, fast typing speeds, and good command of the ideal languages from where the files are drawn. Your job typically is to listen to audio files and type out what you hear to the best of your ability. Transcribing is one of the best business ideas if you are looking to earn some spare cash while at home.

11. Part-Time Bookkeeping

If you boast top-notch bookkeeping skills, you can offer your services remotely to several businesses and companies and help businesses run their operations. With good math skills, good communication skills, excellent computing skills, and a high organization level, your remote bookkeeping can earn you up to $60 per hour.

12. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistance is one of the best options for someone looking for opportunities to earn spare cash. However, you should note that this job demands excellent communication and organizational skills. Your duties typically involve answering calls, booking meeting venues, returning emails, research, attending virtual meetings, booking travel and accommodation, and many more. 

Key Takeaway

There are endless legitimate ways to earn income while at home. The 12 best business ideas we have highlighted will give you a good starting point. However, it is important to remember any venture requires a lot of effort, focus, and dedication to succeed. 

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