Working Lands Business Enhancement Grants

Grant Amount : $35,000


Vermont Agency of Agriculture Food & Markets Is your business a part of the farm and forest economy? Are you in need of funding for a capital project you've been planning? The Working Lands Enterprise Initiative has funding available through their Business Enhancement Grant, formerly known as the Standard Business Grant.

The Business Enhancement Grant can fund projects up to $35,000 that focus on market development, research & development, infrastructure, energy, workforce training and development, and more! 

Projects must have a 100% (one to one) match that can be cash or a combination of cash and in-kind items. Projects must be completed within 12 months. 

The application is open now through October 28th. You can review the request for applications here(link is external) and begin your application here(link is external)

If you have questions or would like to be connected to a business advisor that can help you think through your project concept, please contact Clare Salerno, Agriculture Development Specialist, at sends e-mail).

How do I Qualify?

  • All enterprises must be based in Vermont and registered with the Secretary of State
  • Applicants must be in compliance with all state regulations (i.e. water quality, taxes) and in good standing with the State of Vermont
  • Previous Working Lands Standard Business and COVID-19 Response Business Development grantees are eligible to re-apply for funding during Fiscal Year 2023. Previous Working Lands Supply Chain Impact, Market Level Infrastructure Impact, or Meat Slaughter and Processing Development Grants are eligible to apply for further Working Lands funding after three years, meaning that Fiscal Year 2020 and earlier grantees are eligible to apply this year.
  • Primary producers looking for larger dollar amount grants may also be eligible to apply for the ARPA-Funded Primary Producer Impact Grant

About the Grantor

Working Lands Business Enhancement Grants
Vermont Agency of Agriculture Food & Markets 
The working landscape forms the backbone of Vermont’s heritage and economic viability. The “working landscape” consists of agriculture, food system, forestry, and forest products based businesses. Approximately 20 percent of Vermont’s land is used for agricultural purposes and 75 percent as forestry.  
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