Grant Amount : Varies


Grants to USA nonprofit organizations for operational support. Funding is intended to support organizations that effect positive change. Focus areas include environment, food and agriculture, health, and sustainable community development. Grant funds must be used to support daily operating costs.

Priority will be given to applicants that:

  • Address two or more of the Foundation's funding priorities at the same time:
  • Demonstrate strong community ties.
  • Operate within viable and clearly defined plans for positive change.

Foundation Priorities:

  • Strengthen The Food System
    • Grow organic farming and other climate-friendly agriculture
    • Safeguard agricultural seeds and biodiversity 
    • Democratize access to fresh and nutrient-dense foods
    • Connect families with local food outlets and farmers
    • Create viable opportunities for the next generation of farmers
  • Enhance Equitable Community Health Outcomes
    • Promote clean water access
    • Curtail exposure to toxic materials
    • Increase access to nature and outdoor activities
    • Expand pedestrian and bicycling opportunities
    • Improve farmworkers’ standard of living, wages, and working conditions
  • Safeguard The Environment and Natural Resources
    • Accelerate action on climate change
    • Advance renewable energy and support green jobs
    • Break the resource waste cycle
    • Preserve watersheds, open spaces, and wild places
    • Conserve water supplies for fair, long-term access

How do I Qualify?

Applicant must be
- A 501(c)(3) non – profit organization or fiscally sponsored by a non -profit organization

Areas not funded
- Capital construction
- Deficit funding
- Endowments
- For national organizations with local chapters, we may choose to fund either the national chapter or a local chapter near the Foundation offices.
- Individuals
- Local and/or state government agencies
- Media projects (such as films, books, radio) – including distribution costs for these programs
- Religious groups
- Sponsorship of seminar, media, or fundraising events (e.g. Fun Runs)

About the Grantor

Small Grants - Operational Support
Clif Family Foundation
Established in 2006, Clif Bar Family Foundation supports hundreds of innovative small and mid-sized nonprofits working to strengthen our food system and communities, enhance public health, and safeguard our environment and natural resources.
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