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Grant Amount : $5,000


DoorDash, in partnership with Hello Alice, has started a $1,000,000 Restaurant Disaster Relief Fund to provide grants to local restaurants across the United States affected by natural disasters. Small businesses are the center of local economies, yet nearly 40% of small businesses are unable to reopen following a disaster, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Disaster can occur at a moment's notice and access to capital is crucial to helping a restaurant rebuild their business following a disaster. DoorDash is proud to launch this grant opportunity as part of its ongoing five-year, $200 million Main Street Strong pledge to empower local communities.

Applications are open for the spring funding round now through June 30, 2022 at 6pm ET. 

How do I Qualify?

To be eligible, your restaurant must be experiencing hardship due to a state, tribal or federally-declared natural disaster, operate a brick and mortar location that has been open for at least six months, and have a demonstrated need with a clear plan for use of funds. A partnership with DoorDash is not required. 

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