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Grant Amount : $20,000


The Products for Tomorrow Awards are open to any type of physical product that meets Amazon's criteria. They are judging applications based on customer appeal and how the product’s design considers its sustainability impact. To answer these questions, the judges will be considering:
  • How effective is your product at solving a customer's need?
  • Does your product solve a customer need in an interesting way that hasn’t been done before?
  • Is your product solving a need that most customers have at a price that they can afford?
  • Does shifting to your product lessen the customer’s environmental impact?

How do I Qualify?

Amazon is looking for innovations in design, technology, or chemistry that create a highly effective product with sustainability attributes. We want to show customers that they do not have to choose between an incredible, highly effective products and improved sustainability – they can have both.
  • Must be a physical product that customers will love and have demonstrable sustainability attributes
  • The participating brand must be self-owned by a US resident and the entrant must be 18 years or older at the time of entry. The product being submitted can be new to Amazon, or have been listed in Amazon’s online store for under 4 years.
  • This program is designed to promote businesses that have generated less than $5 million in gross merchandise sales annually.

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