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Employer Training Partnership Grant

Grant Amount : $2,000


Grants to Washington, DC employers and industry associations for professional development to benefit employees and employers. The purpose of the program is to prepare local residents to adapt to a new economic environment through workforce training. Training participants should benefit from developing new skills, increased compensation, and improved job quality.

The DC Workforce Investment Council (WIC) is soliciting grant applications in this Request for Applications (RFA) to enable DC employers to invest in their workforce. The goal of this grant program is to support businesses in investing in opportunities to prepare DC residents to succeed and advance in a rapidly changing economic environment through developing and honing their in-demand skills. Additionally, the WIC will assist Grantees in the development and implementation of skills-based hiring practices. By offering financial support for workforce training, the program aims to benefit both employers and workers. Training funds will enable employers to deliver training programs that can reduce turnover and increase productivity. 

To achieve this goal, employers will partner with training providers, including public, private nonprofit or for-profit educational entities, or community-based organizations to plan and design quality customized training and skills development opportunities for new or existing employees. Employers may also propose expanding existing training programs to address unmet industry demand. Employers may use the training provider(s) of their choice. In rare cases, grant funds may be used to cover the cost of internal trainers (company employees) if no suitable alternative is available. 

This grant seeks to achieve the following outcomes for each funded Project:

  • At least 75% of Training Participants will successfully complete training.
  • At least 80% of New Workers that successfully complete training will be placed in unsubsidized jobs at or above 120% of DC’s current minimum wage level of $15.20 per hour, with the goal of being retained for at least six months after being hired.
  • All Incumbent Workers participating in training will either: receive a wage increase or promotion upon successful completion of training. Upskilled employees should be retained for a period of at least six months following training completion.
  • All Training Participants will gain and/or enhance skills required by the identified industry; New Workers must obtain an industry recognized credential or certification, and Incumbent Workers must receive documentation of skills gained in a format approved by the WIC and the Grantee.

How do I Qualify?

Eligible Applicants include a single employer, a multi-employer consortium, or an employer or industry association or organization. Consortium Applicants must identify the lead employer Applicant. Employers must be actively involved in the planning and design of the Project and all organizations identified in the application must submit documentation that outlines the organization’s roles and responsibilities in the Project.

Employers must be registered to do business in the District of Columbia and be in good standing.

Examples of lead Applicant for those applying as a consortium include:
• Business association (i.e., a chamber of commerce or industry association group)
• Two or more employers that independently created the consortium for the purpose of applying for this grant

About the Grantor

Employer Training Partnership Grant
District of Columbia Office of the Deputy Mayor for Education
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