Know Your Numbers: 8 Tips for Applying for Capital

Recorded Event - July 28, 2022

Bench Webinar

In our live event on "8 Tips for Applying for Capital", our experts from Fundid and Bench will take a deep dive into knowing your numbers. These tips will help you be able to apply for capital.

Here’s a peek into what you will learn:
  • Tips for bookkeeping from Jill at Bench
  • A customer story from struggling financially until they learned bookkeeping 
  • Why having a separate bank account for your business is important
  • What an EIN is and the role it plays in your business


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July 28, 2022
30 Min


Jill with Bench

Jill Jacinto

Bench Accounting
Hannah with Fundid

Hannah Scanlon

Community Manager, Fundid